Why I’m Running

A Passion for Change

Real change never takes place from the top on down but always from the bottom on up.



Our youth are our most important infrastructure. The present and future of Wilmington depends on the health and well being of its children, and whether the young people growing up here experience support and opportunity. Our city must work closely with our school districts, state government, while also fostering collaboration among community organizations and caregivers supporting youth and families. As your city councilman, I will directly support the participation and leadership of youth of all ages.

  • Development of a Youth Investment Strategic Plan.

  • Engage in an ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders, businesses, schools, youth providers, parents and youth themselves to identify needs, possible gaps in service and to map available resources.

  • Work with our partners in the business community to create mentoring and internship programs to help students from historically disadvantaged communities build the relationships that can help lead to good job.

  • Support the related efforts of public and private entities to improve the health, wellness and safety of children, youth and families.

  • Increase access to services that support the health, wellness and safety of children, youth and families, particularly those most vulnerable

  • Expand current publicly funded and privately funded pathways with proven success in reconnecting young adults.

  • Develop new, flexible funding streams that promote systems integration, fostering alternative pathways and supports for reconnecting and transitioning youth.


Our city must recognize the importance and dignity of seniors and that they enrich our everyday experiences. That is why i will fight to increase programs that enable older and disabled people to remain in their homes are a vital part of healthy communities. This includes support for caregivers, transportation, accessibility improvements, other supportive services, and development of walkable and accessible city, town and village centers.

  • Work to expand public transportation for seniors on limited incomes, with or without health concerns, to travel freely and enjoy a good quality of life.
  • Work to expand public transportation for seniors on limited incomes, with or without health concerns, to travel freely and enjoy a good quality of life; and,
  • Work to guarantee quality living conditions for all seniors so that they live with dignity and are able to afford the necessities of life: housing, food, health care, and a respectable standard of living.

Our Workers

Preparing people for jobs in growth industries that need workers and providing them with long-term support can make all the difference in jobseekers’ ability to get, keep, and advance in jobs with livable wage pay and long-term career potential.

  • Support programs that train unemployed and underemployed residents for family sustaining jobs within the 1st district.
  • Support programs that train unemployed and underemployed residents for family sustaining jobs within the 1st district.
  • Support public investment in jobs programs, particularly for housing, public infrastructure and renewable energy.
  • Support collective bargaining for all city employees.
  • Advocate for local hire requirements for city contracts. 
  • Partner with workforce development and economic development professionals, unions and certification programs to conduct energy efficiency training workshops.
  • Support skill and trade building programs, paired with job programs to prevent recidivism and support re-entry



I truly believe that we can support safer and healthier neighborhoods by maintaining city resources such as parks, roads, and sidewalks. In order to create a sustainable Wilmington, we must:

  • Facilitate sustainable and resilient infrastructure development across Wilmington
  • Expand reliable public transit options throughout the district
  • Repair and replace crumbling streets
  • Rebuild our infrastructure with new opportunities for small and disadvantaged businesses within the 1st district
  • Invest in struggling areas and connect communities to greater opportunity
  • Provide pathways to careers in construction, specialty trades, and other infrastructure jobs in partnership with local unions
  • Improve labor standards and working conditions and strengthen worker power

Public Safety

Safe neighborhoods are the foundation of a strong and vibrant community. The overall safety within our neighborhoods is a fundamental aspect to the health and vitality of the 1st district. People need to know that their children can walk to school without fear, and that their neighborhood streets and parks are not only peaceful but also safe.

  • Support community based programs and initiatives
  • Support Early childhood development programs
  • Invest in body cameras and storage of data
  • Invest in violence prevention and “violence interrupter” programs with existing ties to the community.
  • Increase work, housing and educational opportunities for justice-involved residents and individuals returning from incarceration
  • Support police-assisted diversion programs and de-escalation training
  • Fight for diversity among our police force
  • Fund the CDC report to approach gun violence as a public health crisis
  • Prioritize the expansion of trauma informed and services for the district, especially for children who have experienced trauma or violence

Economic Development

Wilmington’s economic vitality depends not only on individuals’ ability to access good jobs, housing and services but also on a thriving mix of local businesses, asset and wealth creation, and community engagement that stimulates job creation and financial stability.



Housing is a human right and that is why it’s important to approach Wilmington’s housing affordability policy with a community first housing plan. The City of Wilmington can pursue policy that meets the needs of all residents, without displacing seniors, families, and low-income residents in 1st District. The City must work to create more inclusive housing policy that is affordable and offer fair opportunities that allow families and long-term residents the ability to stay in the communities we love.

  • Create a well-funded and well-publicized homeowner repair grant program.
  • Create innovative plans to promote sustainable growth and public transit aligned development.
  • Introduce a package of legislation to strengthen tenants’ rights and advocate against substandard housing units.
  • Protect and create safe and affordable housing.

Climate Change

Climate change is the single largest existential threat to our society. Tackling climate change requires action at all levels of government: federal, state, and local. While we wait for national and global action, Wilmington can lead the fight to save our environment.

  • Creating and funding a Wilmington Climate Action Plan for an equitable transition to carbon neutrality and 100% renewable energy in city operations by 2030.
  • Develop renewable energy design principles in all new city building projects.
  • Expand energy efficiency audits for residential and commercial buildings.
  • Provide assistance to homeowners and local businesses to convert their buildings to include renewable energy

A Wilmington for All

I was raised on the belief that our voice is our power, whether it was around the table with policy makers or in the streets fighting for justice, I’ve always been dedicated to amplifying the voices of our most vulnerable communities.

  • Safeguarding the right of residents and ensuring equal treatment as well as universal access to city life is critical to maintaining a vibrant and successful community.
  • Wilmington has been a safe haven for Freedom Seekers along the Underground Railroad. Now we must once again ensure all our residents’ rights are protected. I will advocate for our city to become a sanctuary city and protector our undocumented community.
  • Fight all discrimination and protect residents.
  • Encourage increased participation, both socially and politically, through proactive policies and programs, this includes advocating for free childcare at all city council meetings,committee meetings and hearings

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