Why I’m Running

A Passion for Change

Real change never takes place from the top on down but always from the bottom on up.

A Strong History

My name is Coby Owens, and I am ready to represent the people of Wilmington’s City Council 1st District. The residents of the 1st deserve a Councilman that listens to their concerns and isn’t afraid to fight for their interests in Wilmington. I grew up right in the heart of the district on 36th street. I was raised by a single mother, who instilled in me the values of service and building coalition. I’m running for city council because I love my community. Growing up, I remember seeing changes in my neighborhood, and a lack of input from the community in the direction of our city. Being from a lower middle-class household exposed me to the many struggles that most Americans deal with each and every day. I experienced firsthand how wealth disparities and demographics determined an individual’s possibilities. During the financial crisis of 2007/2008, hundreds of people from the 1st district were affected by Housing foreclosures or loss of employment. My mother taught me a lot about the perseverance of the working class and the pride that comes with hard labor. My exposure to my family and neighbors hardships has given me a much deeper understanding of how policies impact us and how a lack of effective representation leads to a further erosion of our society. Their ability to overcome those hardships has greatly influenced my decision to run for public office, to fight equitable change and to give a voice to all the residents of the 1st district. I’ve seen first hand how important it is for people to come together for their community. Working together is how we move the city forward. In every community I’ve been a part of, I’ve worked hard to find ways to bring people together. Whether that was organizing for affordable housing or racial justice. I truly believe we can create a change within the district through 3 pillars- Creating Opportunity, Fighting for Justice and Investment within our community. I’m running for City Council because real change can’t wait and I am committed to working together to solve the problems that we face every day. I ask you to join me in rolling up our sleeves and getting to work.



  • Progressive Democrats of Delaware
  • Democracy for America
  • Working Families Party

Community Leaders

  • Leslie Templeton, Chair of the College Democrats Disabilities Caucus
  • Nick Beard, Delaware Reproductive Rights advocate

Elected Leaders

  • Tay Anderson, Denver School Board member and youngest African American elected in Colorado
  • Kendra Brooks, Councilperson at Large, Philadelphia

Ready to Join Team Coby?

We are at a crossroads where we must elect a new type of leadership. One with the experience and creativity to bring bold and aggressive policies that address our most pressing needs, including ending the gun violence, re-investing in our long ignored neighborhoods, providing better opportunities for success for our residents and expanding affordable housing. Sign up below to recieve campaign updates including events, new policy proposals, and volunteer oppurtunitties.